Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He's gone and I'm sad.

My little handsome boy went to a new home yesterday. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I am trying to see this as a blessing, since it means that most of the people (and animals) I love so much are still in my life. I am finding this morning that I am really missing the pitter-patter of his little feet chasing toys up and down the hallway and his tiny mews to let me know he is ready for his breakfast. My cats had just begun to play with him, so I am sure they are wondering what happened to their new "toy". How can anyone bottle feed a tiny kitten and not let a piece of their heart go with them? One thing I feel in my heart is that this little guy needed me and someone had a hand in getting him to me. Surely God knows how I love animals and the strength and compassion I have in me. That is why I know, as hard as this was, I will someday be given another chance to help an animal in need. And I will trade them care and cuddles for their unconditional love.
Oh and as an aside, the Surfer suggested that perhaps when I reach my weight goal I can get another cat/kitten. Not sure how I am feeling about that right now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ode to my Garden

I planted the seeds
and watered them too,
covered with soil
and away you grew!

The harvest's begun!
With zucchini galore,
what in the world
will I use all this for?

Banana peppers, tomatoes
and peas appear.
I'll be learning to can
from my Gramma this year!
Written by Jackie

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pics of the Little Man

He still has no name, although the Surfer said I could keep him. I am torn about that. It was fate he came to me, since he clearly needed me. But do I want this responsibility? Can my cats adjust to him? I certainly don't want behavior problems arising. But just look at him!This was what he looked like the first time he lapped out of a saucer. Kitty milk dripping off his little chin!I caught him sleeping like this Monday. Still a little guy, but growing like a weed!

Hard to believe Bunnie was once that little. She keeps a watchful eye on the little man. She hisses at him, but I've also caught her playing with him...so who knows what she is thinking.

Better Late than Never, right?

Sorry everyone. Summer is busy, even for a gal like me with no actual place of employment. I've been taking care of the little kitty and he is growing like a weed. He just finally got off the bottle one week ago and has been on KMRs weaning formula. He was "behind" since he missed the bonding of his mama so he wanted to bottle feed a little longer for the cuddles and attention. Not that he gets less now! He is a sweet little boy - when he is not running around like a nut! We may keep him, we may give him up. I just have to decide if that person is trustworthy to care for him properly (ie take him for his shots, get him neutered, etc) Its hard to trust someone who has adopted and then taken back a kitten after a short time. Any advice on that?

Getting back to what I was originally posting about: the red, white and blue swap was AWESOME!
I swapped with one of the twins from The Two Twins. Oh my goodness my box was filled with wonderfully awesome goodies.I know, you're jealous right? You totally need to get in on the next swap! And dummy me found more stuff I missed in the box the next day (no pics of them, sorry) Yep all the stuff above plus 3 yummy smelling candles and 3 lipglosses. Can a girls day get any better than this?
In case you can't see in the pic, there is also a book called Seven Loves (perfect for reading in the hammock!), a locally put together cook book (they are the best kind imho), three boxes of special K bars (red white and blue!), the cutest purse with an anchor keychain (been using this from the day I got it, LOVE it, THANKS!), and a bottle of white wine from their local winery. She was so right about it, sweet and fruity and awesome if sipped ghetto style with some ice. Wonder if I can get that anywhere around here? This was another awesome swap Mamarazzi! Hope to participte again in the future! And a huge THANK YOU to my partner! You truly rock!