Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Mouth to (bottle) Feed

I went to PetsMart last Monday for litter lioners and cat food but came home with this. Oh boy! This little kitten is 3 weeks old and needs bottle fed every 3 hours round the clock. What in the world am I going to do with him?Here's a pick of him today at 4 weeks, in my gardening crocs. Did I mention he loves shoes? Maybe I should call him Jimmy Choo? LOL! Oh dear - I am such a sucker! Know anyone who wants a kitten? My husband might kick me out after this one!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calling ALL Tweeps!

I think its pretty cool when actors Tweet on Twitter - especially when it involves a bet with an actor from Twilight!

The search for 500K followers on Twitter

Help Peter out - he's Carlisle for goodness sake! He'd totally do it for you ;o)

This Weeks Weigh In

This week I am down 0.8 pounds! Any loss is good in my book and after all the temptations this weekend at the amusement park (cheese fries, funnel cake, need I go on?) I am glad it was a loss. Plus the Surfer decided to take me to Red Lobster for dinner Monday night. Super yummy, but not so point friendly - especially when you are REALLY hungry! I did a lot of walking at the park, which I think helped, and I've been trying to do some active thing each day (weeding, sweeping, dancing in the living room like a goober, you get the point)
This weeks goals:
1. Keep up the tracking, it gets hard, but it is so worth it!
2. Stay active - get at least 3 AP in or more!
3. Cook at home more this week. This is a huge help since I can control everything that goes in AND portion sizes. Does anyone have any good and easy ways to plan healthy and husband friendly meals? I'm in need of a little help!
4. Notice and possible document how I feel when I track and eat filling foods vs eating the crap I usually eat. I know I feel better when I eat better, but to have the proof in writing as a reminder might help. I mean, why else to I still overeat?
Another great thing is that I have been feeling better about myself just because I AM doing something rather than being passive and accepting my weight as it is. That is something to be proud of!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LIVE Giveaway!

Anyone who loves Twilight will love this giveaway! Go check out the Bella bracelet - you're not going to want to miss out on this! But I will warn you - I'm going to win it! I just finished the last book Sunday night and since I have no more books to read, I spend my days roving the net looking for all things will be mine!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Win a stamp set!

My Creative Heart: Freebie!

Go check out my upline's blog for Close to My Heart and be sure to check out the fun fishing stamp set she is giving away! My hubby and dad both love to fish. In fact they talk about it all the time!!! How perfect is this set for fathers day or for men's birthday cards?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun in the Backyard

The long anticipated photos of our garden are here! My dad decided since we have so many deer and other critters we should put up an electric fence. I'm not thrilled about it, mostly because I am convinced I will get shocked, probably more than once, but it will be great if it actually deters them from eating our crop!Garden gate

Tomatoes, celery, and hot peppers

The lettuce is emerging!

My first sugar snap pea plant!

My New Feathered Friends

I decided this weekend to move my existing feeder to a new location and add my hummingbird feeder as well (since one little female has been spotted several times already!) My finch feeder has gotten little to no action at all...until I moved it! I now have at least four goldfinches that visit together and munch away at the seed! They are just so bright and cheerful and I can watch them from the kitchen window as they flit from feeder to hook and back again. I also have a few hummers that come and feed as well. Couldn't manage to snap a pic of them yet. But here is the new feeder! I planted wildflower seeds all around it and I am hoping they grow. I'll update if they do!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Face the Truth Tuesday (AKA Weigh in)

This week I rocked the Momentum program! I rocked it's awesome socks off! Yep, I lost 2.2 lbs this week! YAY! How did I do it? I tracked everything I put in my mouth. Every.thing.
I actually had a food breakdown on Saturday (with some thanks to the Surfer, who suggested all of these foods) and ate 2 doughnuts and a burger and fries at Red Robin. Do you know how terrible Red Robin is for you? My burger alone was 26 points! Yikes! So it ended up that I went over my weekly allowance but kicked myself in the rear and make it up with exercise. Who knew that you could do that? This is NOT something I would ever recommend (cuz it sucks), but at least its good to know its there.
One kind of frustrating thing, that I hope to not let happen again, is that big gain that happened on vacation. I finally am back to the weight I started at when I restarted...uhm 5 weeks ago. So now its time to kick it up and get down to my 5% I set at that time - so I can buy this!
Isn't it cute and so appropriate? A flying piggy - my pounds flying away, never to return (cuz they've been replaced by the piggy, duh!) Seriously though, check out Alliteration's etsy shop. She has some super cute stuff there! Anything you are using as motivation?
So goals for this week:
1. Keep on tracking!
2. Eat a few more fruits/veggies
3. Keep up the exercise - I've been gardening a lot, so that has really helped too!
So how was your week?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

YES! Another awesomely fabulous Mamarazzi Swap! Its cuz she is the most rockin' super ginormously fabulous swap organizer out all know you want to be just like her (I know I do!)
So I highly suggest you get in on this action: Its a red, white and blue swap! Go read all about it by clicking the cute button. Go. Now! Seriously kids these things fill up insanely fast. You cannot afford to miss a Mamarazzi swap!

Weigh in results - a little late!

As per previous post, I have been a bit busy getting things planted and such and therefore totally forgot to do my weigh in post. We have changed our meeting day to Tuesday, so I normally would have had 2 more days to track and exercise, but I lost 0.4 this week. After all the damage I've been doing, I'll take it.
This week I have been tracking! After The Surfer reminded me of the success I had my first round of WW, I realized that monitoring myself is a big key. So I hope to see these results on the scale. With all the gardening and yard work activity points, I'm bound to lose a little something (and I am really hoping that its not going to be my mind.
So my goal for this week:
Track, track, track!
I know if I can stick with this for a few weeks it will become a habit and I just need to keep it up!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I have been absent so far this week do to some major yard work. The surfer decided to finish, or very nearly finish his landscaping in the front yard and we also created a HUGE garden. Well huge to us, since last year all the veggies were basically in pots. So yesterday I shoveled and carried buckets of mulch in the morning for an hour and a half and then last night we covered the garden with mushroom manure. My back is killing me, my shoulders are killing me...the only things that aren't sore are the muscles that probably need more work (ie abs, buns and thighs!) So tonight the plan in to till the manure in and then tomorrow I will be planting ALL day - weather permitting!
I will take pics of my finished garden, since I admit this was sorta my idea. And the positives way outnumber the fact that I can barely move this morning or the fact that I tossed and turned (very carefully) all night long. Here's to a bountiful and healthy harvest!