Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Face the Truth Tuesday (AKA Weigh in)

This week I rocked the Momentum program! I rocked it's awesome socks off! Yep, I lost 2.2 lbs this week! YAY! How did I do it? I tracked everything I put in my mouth. Every.thing.
I actually had a food breakdown on Saturday (with some thanks to the Surfer, who suggested all of these foods) and ate 2 doughnuts and a burger and fries at Red Robin. Do you know how terrible Red Robin is for you? My burger alone was 26 points! Yikes! So it ended up that I went over my weekly allowance but kicked myself in the rear and make it up with exercise. Who knew that you could do that? This is NOT something I would ever recommend (cuz it sucks), but at least its good to know its there.
One kind of frustrating thing, that I hope to not let happen again, is that big gain that happened on vacation. I finally am back to the weight I started at when I restarted...uhm 5 weeks ago. So now its time to kick it up and get down to my 5% I set at that time - so I can buy this!
Isn't it cute and so appropriate? A flying piggy - my pounds flying away, never to return (cuz they've been replaced by the piggy, duh!) Seriously though, check out Alliteration's etsy shop. She has some super cute stuff there! Anything you are using as motivation?
So goals for this week:
1. Keep on tracking!
2. Eat a few more fruits/veggies
3. Keep up the exercise - I've been gardening a lot, so that has really helped too!
So how was your week?

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  1. I've tried the WW diet many times, but just can't stick with it! My husband lost a bunch of weight on it though.