Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I have been absent so far this week do to some major yard work. The surfer decided to finish, or very nearly finish his landscaping in the front yard and we also created a HUGE garden. Well huge to us, since last year all the veggies were basically in pots. So yesterday I shoveled and carried buckets of mulch in the morning for an hour and a half and then last night we covered the garden with mushroom manure. My back is killing me, my shoulders are killing me...the only things that aren't sore are the muscles that probably need more work (ie abs, buns and thighs!) So tonight the plan in to till the manure in and then tomorrow I will be planting ALL day - weather permitting!
I will take pics of my finished garden, since I admit this was sorta my idea. And the positives way outnumber the fact that I can barely move this morning or the fact that I tossed and turned (very carefully) all night long. Here's to a bountiful and healthy harvest!

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  1. I can't wait to see the final result. I wish I had room for a garden in the backyard, but we have a pond instead.