Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weigh in results - a little late!

As per previous post, I have been a bit busy getting things planted and such and therefore totally forgot to do my weigh in post. We have changed our meeting day to Tuesday, so I normally would have had 2 more days to track and exercise, but I lost 0.4 this week. After all the damage I've been doing, I'll take it.
This week I have been tracking! After The Surfer reminded me of the success I had my first round of WW, I realized that monitoring myself is a big key. So I hope to see these results on the scale. With all the gardening and yard work activity points, I'm bound to lose a little something (and I am really hoping that its not going to be my mind.
So my goal for this week:
Track, track, track!
I know if I can stick with this for a few weeks it will become a habit and I just need to keep it up!


  1. yeah, building new habits can be difficult. i have trouble with tracking too. embrace every little success

  2. WTG on tracking!!!! That is seriously the hardest thing and totally the key to success!!!

  3. Glad I met you thru SITS! I am signing up to follow...I sew, and I am on the hard road to lose the weight I've manage to gain over the winter. We should get along great!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I'm WW alum, too. Right now I've been off the wagon for a while and the number on the scale has been creeping up. :0 I really should start tracking again, too. Anyway, congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up!