Monday, December 6, 2010

Prayers Needed!

Hello everyone!
Sorry the posts have been few and far between.
Its been a rough week for my family and we could sure use some prayers. Mark's mom is having surgery next week to remove a mass/tumor they found on her ovary and uterus. We are all a little frightened by this whole thing. (Ok, so I am really frightened) We are hoping that they can remove all of the mass and that it is benign. The doctor suspects is may be ovarian cancer. I hate that c-word. We are trying to take this one day at a time and stay positive until we know exactly what is going on, but it can be so hard.
We are trying to plan out meals for my in-laws post surgery and also attempting to get all the Christmas decorating finished as well, plus continue our normal routines (and bake cookies...I always bake cookies!). Do any of you have any easy nourishing recipes that I can make that might freeze well? I was thinking I'd start with some lighter meals like soups for the first few days and then do some casseroles of some sort. Any guidance is much appreciated. Why does it seem like these things always happen around the holidays?
Next post will be happier, I promise! I have a duck hunting trip to share as well as some knitting projects I have done. And I'm learning to crochet!

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