Monday, July 30, 2012

A fresh start

I've never needed a fresh start in my life more than I do right now. The baby is 5 months old and it is time for me to step back into reality! I've been living on the processed crap in my cupboards and Pepsi for 5 months. I've been running around in circles attempting to make sense of the chaotic mess my house has become. And I've let myself and my health go completely out the window. So Friday I decided to take a step towards getting myself back:: I cut off 5 inches of hair. It felt great! I felt like a human again!

And I know it's a small step, but I took one.

Stay tuned for more small steps as I try to find myself under all this mess...and yes, one of my goals is to work on being less critical of myself.


  1. GO JACKIE!!! Looking forward to being on your journey with you, one small step at a time! You can do this! You are beautiful!

  2. Glad to see your progress regarding your health.Actually health requires attention.Exercise and diet are so necessary.

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