Monday, July 6, 2015

How Social Media is Ruining Me

As if raising a child these days wasn't difficult enough, we get to do in the age of social media! Where everyone is waiting with baited breath to see what you have excelled or failed at with your kid(s) today. Did you take them to the world's best indoor park? Better post 100 pics on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat! Did they all make hand crocheted hats for their new baby sister? Don't forget to pin that! Maybe you decided to show off their dancing skills by making  a YouTube video of them all singing the latest Bruno Mars hit! Maybe Ellen will bring you on her show. Wow. We are all looking for our 15 minutes and the competition is fierce!

Some days I get exhausted just reading the posts from my mommy friends. And then the guilt sets in. I didn't take my son to the zoo to see the new baby tiger/buy that new cool toy that he needs/take him to see the latest Disney-Pixar film. He'll surely remember this and be scarred for life! These are the moments where I curse the internet and all the negative feelings it sometimes brings.

Not only that, but think of all the time we spend on social media and how much that takes away from the interaction with our children. I know my son has asked me to leave my office to come play on more than one occasion. And you know what I was doing? Looking at Facebook! Que more guilt.

I realized while writing this that I accuse other people in my life of not paying enough attention to me because they are too wrapped up in their phones or tablets to hold a real conversation. This makes me feel like I don't matter to them, like what I have to tell them about what is going on in my life is miniscule in their world of playing the latest Bejewled game or keeping tabs on what so-and-so their virtual friend is doing right now. "But so-and-so always has the funniest updates!" I get it! I understand the need to escape reality for a little while and talk to people who you don't really know. So how about today we strive to find some balance? Let's make an effort give people actual face-to-face conversations, real quality time, every day.

Let's also remember that while it may be a reality for some to keep up with the latest and greatest (for themselves or their kids), we need to make the choices of what is important to us. You know what is best for you long term. You got this!

I'd love to know how you think social media is changing the way you live! Do you think it is better or worse than when you grew up? Do you think it is changing people as a whole? And if so, do you think we will ever be able to hold real conversations over dinner without pulling out our phones?

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