Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby making isn't so easy for all of us

Today I feel bummed out.
I haven't told any of you this yet but we have begun the process of starting a family. Sounds odd saying things that way, right? I mean under the perfect circumstances there wouldn't really be a process. Just a bit of planning. Well, from the events of the last six months, this is definitely a process. I didn't know how much I'd want to share here on my blog, but writing about my feelings and experiences is just so therapeutic, I can't afford not to share. Plus, maybe some of you will have some advice.

If you are not into gross woman talk, you can (and should) stop here. You've been warned.

So the most obvious step in starting a family was for me to stop taking the pill, so I did in October. I did not get a period after I stopped. So I went to the doctor thinking, it can't really be this easy, can it? Nope. I had to take a dose of Provera to bring it on (this was December). Then I had to wait and see if I got my period on my own after that time. No luck. The doctor determined from this (and a few ultrasounds) that I am not ovulating on my own. So he prescribed me another dose of Provera (early March) and the lowest dose of Clomid. I was told to test for ovulation using ovulation predictor strips. Today is my cycle day 19. They told me if I did not ovulate by day 18 to call. So I will be calling today and probably getting the higher dose of Clomid, in hopes it will work. I wish there were some natural way to get my body functioning. And I also just wish it would hurry up and function already! In the big picture, six months is not that long and everything takes time. And actually I have made some really good changes in my life in that time - I've reduced my caffeine intake, I have lost a couple of pounds (don't get too excited its literally a couple of pounds haha), I have increased my exercise and I've increased the amount of water I drink everyday. So I guess all this waiting hasn't been in vain, it has all been a chance for me to grow.
Have any of you used Clomid? Any luck? Any advice? Please share!! And thanks for reading!

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  1. I have an account on Cafe Mom and lots of people use it there. It may be helpful for you to get an account and join a "trying to conceive" group. One woman I'm friends with is now pregnant with twins and I believe she used Chlomid!

    It's hard not to get discouraged. While, I don't have the same situation as you do, we had to wait to get pregnant because I was on medication for two years that's dangerous to a growing baby. Shortly after I stopped, I thought I had waited long enough - got pregnant and lost the baby. I was so devastated and desperate to have a baby, it makes for a lot of anxiety and stress. You're not alone Jackie!

    Hang in there friend. I'll be prayin'.