Monday, February 23, 2009

No way I could EVER resist this!

Even if I had more cats than I could handle, which I currently feel like I do, as Buttercup heard this and is now purring and sitting all over me, I could never in a million years resist this face and this cry!

Could you?

Sometimes I think this might have happened at my house...

And last for today, four foster kittens I had this summer: Hailey, Happy, Harry and Honey. I miss them all! And by the way, the 2 that won't stay for a nice group shot (Harry and Honey) were adopted by my Aunt. They are now Danny and Dolly and spoiled and they should be. This is why I can't foster anymore. I get so attached I can't even bear the thoughts of putting these little guys and girls into cages!

Feeling lonely now? Go visit your local shelter and pick up a new friend! No room at the Inn? Volunteer! Donate! Fundraise! Do anything you can to support your local shelters. They need all the help they can get!

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