Monday, February 2, 2009

Six Rings for the Black and Gold!

I come from a non-sports watching family. I'm pretty sure this is due to my father's extreme rise in blood pressure when we do watch, especially the important games. I will admit, he gets us all fired up and makes it fun (for the most part). This was a most stressful game I have ever watched, and I'm sure others who watch more frequently than me will agree!
For good luck, my aunt set up a shrine on the TV including the cute little pumpkin wearing a mini authentic MSA V-guard Steelers hard hat and a Terrible Towel. She and my dad had to wear their own hard hats as good luck, since in the last Steelers super bowl, they worked (and I find it ironic that dad doesn't have a Steelers shirt. Clearly this will have to change!). Every person in the house screamed when Harrison intercepted and ran 100 yards for a touchdown! We were hysterical when Holmes made the catch putting the Steelers back in the lead! We swung our Terrible Towels to get the D pumped up in the last two minutes! And it maust have worked...afterall, the Black and Gold came through for us tonight! The first NFL Team to win SIX Superbowls! OH YEAH! I hope I have a voice tomorrow from all the screaming...
So do you have any good luck charms for watching your favorite sports teams?

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