Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's snowing, again!

Can you believe the crazy wintery weather we've been having? I can't remember the last time it snowed so much. Too bad it didn't do this for Christmas!
I keep looking out the window and watching the flakes fall. It is so peaceful to watch when you have nowhere you need to be. I've been enjoying watching the little birds out there too. We feed them in two different feeders. One is on this tree pictured (its a log house, cute, no?) and one hangs from our back patio. My feathered friends have eaten all of the seed again and are looking for a refill. Payday is Friday, so perhaps we will splurge on another bag for them. We enjoy watching them and they keep the cats entertained from the window.
We have several bold colored cardinals that hang out around the feeder as well as house sparrows, mourning doves, and dark eyed juncos. I love when the puff out their feathers to keep warm and look like fat little balls. I have a few sparrows hanging out in my bushed today and I will do my best to snap a pic of them so you can see how cute they are.

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