Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In order to live a more grateful life (as recommended by Oprah and her spiritual panel), Thursday will now be a time for me to blog about something(s) I am feeling thankful for.

Today I give thanks for my family. Are we perfect? Far from it. Do we always get along? Heck no! But I know that if I ever need anything my family would be there for me. They have continued to encourage me while I finished my MS and praised my efforts when I completed my thesis. My in-laws are wonderful, giving people who have accepted me as their daughter. It is wonderful having so many people who love you!

Think about something you are thankful for today. Is it your health? Your children? Your pet(s)? Your home? When you take the time to reflect you will surely find there is so much to be grateful for. Focus on the positive and have a wonderful day!

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