Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rachael Ray....

So everyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with Rachael Ray. I love the daytime TV show, the magazine, 30 minute meals, and $40 a day (if that is even still on?). I think she is a great role model for young people as she encourages them to get in the kitchen. Her YUM-O organization helps get kids and their families cooking together (healthily!) and gets food to people who need it. She animals and highlights organizations like the ASPCA and Bad Rap, a rescue organization specifically for pit bulls. I will admit that I do not have every book she has put out, nor do I follow her trend of bright colored pots and pans. However, I did get my first RR cookware, the nesting set of two bubble and brown dishes in the blue shade, as well as Bob, her newest cookbook (Big Orange Book). I love to try her recipes from time to time and I haven't made one yet that I didn't like. I'm not sure how I feel about the crazy branching out she's been doing, but I guess any entrepreneur would be doing the same. All the other Food Netowork stars have!
So lately, Rachael has been disappointing me and I wish I knew who/where to write about this. She has a line of dog food (Nutrish) and all proceeds go to rescue organizations. So whats the deal here, Rach? Why no cat food? Do you have something against kitties? I don't think I've seen one cat on her show and I've seen tons of dogs. Doesn't she know that cats need adopted just as badly as dogs? I'm sure she is indeed sensitive to this fact, I just wish she'd share the animal love a little bit.
The other thing that has been puzzling me lately is her smile on the magazine. I've been getting her mag for quite some time and the first issues had a wonderful REAL Rachael smile. Lately, it seems that she is smiling because the photographer told her too. She doesn't look genuinely happy and that makes me sad. I can't find a nice big pic of the covers on the web, so I will add some scans of mine later today...then you can be the judge.
So please, Rachael Ray, give us a real smile on the next issue for your cat loving fans! And a little homemade kitty treat recipe might be nice too...

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