Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Dear Christmas Tree,
I am so very sorry that you did not receive the same attention of Christmas trees past. We found you conveniently down the road in the lot adjacent to Arby's and you were wonderfully plump, just like we wanted. A spruce none-the-less, DH's favorite kind of tree. After all, their branches are strong and can hold lots of heavy ornaments!
We truly did love you, little tree...despite the fact that it took us 3 days to get a sparse amount of ornaments to hang on your pokey branches. It wasn't a high priority to get anything done too quickly; I had just completed my thesis and needed a break. Plus, no one was coming to our house this year, so the pressure was off. DH was in a hurry to get you up and neglected to drill a hole in your trunk. You drank water for a very short time. Perhaps the first week. Then you gave up. And this is why your needles have been raining down, making soft tinkling sounds as they scatter all over the floor.
So dear tree, I apologize for neglecting you this year and share with the blogging world before and after photos of you. I promise that next year we will take much better care of your friend.
Jax, DH, and the cats

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