Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jillian Michaels Just Kicked My Butt!

This past week has been bad for me. I have sat on my behind and eaten junk the whole time. So today I needed a change, so I hit the On Demand button and found Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Oh. My. Goodness! My arms are jiggly like jell-o. My legs barely made it down the stairs. I may need a lift to get back up them. But it is awesome. And I am doing it again tomorrow! I found the 2 weeks to a new you tab too. If I can stick with this for a mere 2 weeks, I know I will see results. I need a boost to get back in the groove. I haven't posted a weigh in lately since I've been losing and gaining the same 2 pounds over and over. So Jillian Michaels and FitTV are going to kick me back in gear. Wooo!
Don't have Comcast On Demand? You can shred too!


  1. I've been sucking at the exercising/eat well thing too. My plan is to get back on track once my kid goes back to school next week.

  2. AWESOME!! Thank you for the tip! I am going to be checking that out next week!! Wedding is 8 months and a few weeks away, and I have GOT to get my butt in gear! It is absurd! Thank you!