Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Oldies

For some reason, for the last week or 2 I've been using my old desktop. Perhaps it is the nicer keyboard and mouse? Or more probably it is the fact that the connection speed is much faster down here. I was reluctant to "work" on it for the last year because it is located in our basement, where we have boxes of old stuff that we haven't parted with, yet. Well we cleaned the basement a little and so my old trusty friend was more accessible and also more appealing. Well, as usually happens when I switch computers, I found some fun "old" pics. Let's reminisce, shall we?
My first apartment in Ruston, Louisiana. They tore them down last year to make more room for the university apartments...or maybe parking. Either way, its no longer there! Sadly, this place was decorated nicer than I feel my house is.

My awesome cake I made in a Wilton class in 2007. No. I haven't made one since. But I'm feeling inspired after seeing this. I took this class so I could do kids know, when I get around to actually having kids.
From college, when Oscar was not quite a year old. Napping on my face was apparently the most comfortable place in the apartment. LOL! I don't look bothered by it, but then again I was probably crashing from an all-nighter!

I found several cute pics of the cats too and plan to share them later this week or early next. You don't want to miss the adorable-ness, trust me!


  1. These are great Jackie!! Love the cake!

  2. I've always wanted to take a Wilton class, but then I've have to bake...