Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weight issues Wednesday

Hello my readers! Welcome to Weight issues Wednesday! Yep, just made that up right off the top of the old noggin.
But seriously. Has anyone else noticed how HARD it is to lose weight? Yes, I know the facts: Eat less than you burn and you will lose weight, but is this magic formula as simple as that? It does not consider any emotional issues you have with food. It assumes that you have the willpower to forgo any sweet treat that passes under your nose. It is a daily struggle for me. Seems like I'll eat normal to well on most days, lose about 2 - 5 pounds (in maybe a week to ten days), have a weekend of eating everything in sight and gain it all back. How frustrating! So I am looking for some simple changes I can start applying to my everyday life to make my lifestyle healthier and happier. For example, one thing I've already changed is eating breakfast every morning. I used to skip this meal since I wasn't hungry, but to maintain your metabolism it is important to kick start your day with breakfast. There are also several things I'd like to change including (but not limited to):
  1. Reducing my sugar intake but replacing with natural sweeteners like honey and stevia (right now I use splenda but will not repurchase if I can find a stevia alternative I can bake with)
  2. Starting to eat cleaner - and I need help with this. If you have any info on this, please please please share! TIA! If you are unfamiliar with this term as far as I understand it it means replacing all the processed crap I eat with healthy stuff. Again, if you know more about this please share!
  3. Eating vegetables. Or maybe I should say finding waysd to incorporate veggies into my life that aren't in a boring old salad - or finding some way to make a salad exciting.
  4. Generally being more aware of food. You know, the emotional and behavioral side of eating. What am I feeling when I sit down and eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's and then feel like crap afterward? Did I really need 2 servings of that dinner I made? Knowing the difference between what I need and what I want. That kind of stuff.
I hope that you all have a little insight on this. It is crazy hard to do this alone. My hope is that there is at least one other person struggling like me and that we can help each other. I don't want to eat perfect all the time. I want to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality. I want to feel like I am strong enough to take control of my health and get the most out of this life.


  1. Bake with AGAVE NECTAR. Giant Eagle in Monroeville has it in the center section of the produce area. You use the same amount as you would sugar, but it doesn't raise your blood sugar levels like honey and sugar does. It's much healthier for you. (Not zero calories but significantly better for you)

    I also put on your last blog - but I don't know if it posted - I'm up for being walking buddies anytime you are!!

  2. Here a few tips that have worked for me (an emotional eater):

    -Keep a journal. Have one journal that you can/will have with you at all times. Write down when and what you eat, when and how much exercise, a symptom log, and an emotional log. Eventually a pattern will emerge and it's a great starting point.

    -try at least two new recipes per month that involve fresh veggies. I.e. ratatouille, veggie soups, salads, veggie kabobs on the grill, etc.

    -try at least one new food per week. For example, a new salad dressing (try home made!), a new veggie or fruit, etc. Don't let your diet become boring.

    -have an activity that you do ONLY when you have a craving, particularly sweet cravings. Can be video game, coloring, a craft, whatever. ONLY do this when you have a craving...the craving will most likely pass after 20 mins.

    -Don't bring trigger foods into the house (you'll know these foods from your journal).

    -Eat every 2-3 hours. 3 meals, 2 snacks. If you let yourself get too hungry, your likely to eat too much later.

    -Have two items for your snack. Example: 8 almonds and a fruit. 8oz of fat free milk and a fruit or veggie. variety!

    -Go for moderation. Don't severely cut your calories, you'll just feel starved, bored, and tired.

    -Don't be afraid of healthy fats. Almonds, natural or organic peanut butter, avocados (1/8 is one fat serving), olive oil are all healthy in moderation. Go for two servings daily.

    -have AT LEAST four different kinds of fruits and veggies daily. Again, avoid being boring with your diet.

    -I know you've heard this before, but seriously. Do your grocery shopping on the outside perimeter of the store. The more items you buy from the center, the more processed crud that is in your diet.

    -If you eat meat, eat wild caught fish and non-hormone or organic meat.

    -Pre-cook! On Sundays pick out two-three recipes that you would liek to have. Precook them for the week and have them ready in the fridge. Even if your husband wants to have an unhealthy meal, your healthy meal is ready to go.

    -Do SOMETHING for exercise everyday. Everyday. Even if it is just a 15 minute walk. Do something. Ideally - get in 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. This can be walking, swimming, biking, wii games, sports, house cleaning, running/jogging, stair climbing, etc. Find something you LOVE to do.

    -do NOT set a number for yourself. Your only setting yourself up for failure if you say I want to be "this number" by "this date". Instead focus on realistic goals such as...this week I am going to eat five fruits and veggies/day. Do cardio five days.

    -Don't deprive yourself. go out for a treat now and then. The main idea here is going out, don't keep 'treats' in the house. They are often sold in large quantities. Go out for an ice cream now, and don't have a gallon of left over ice cream in your fridge to tempt you later.

    -When you hit a snag, don't get down on yourself. Ask yourself why you want to get healthy. Is it for your family (to have a baby, or for your kids)? To look good? To have more energy? Re-motivate yourself instead of letting yourself lose sight of your goals.

    -Chips, soda, nothing for you. I promise. Even if you feel good now, you won't later.

    -See if you can get local raw honey - delish and better for you (and the local farmers!)

    -Search for healthy alternatives to the processed foods you can't live without. For instance, if I have something really savory for dinner I HAVE to have something sweet on my tongue afterword. I get organic suckers made by Yummy Earth (I think?) through are the best candy I've ever had and one is only 70 calories! and organic!

    I hope that at least some of these tips help. Good luck!!!