Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where have I been?

Oh me oh my - I have been away far too long from blogging and there are SO many things I want to share with everyone. No, nothing huge and life changing has happened. Well, I did get a job (which is a time-suck) but no other real reason for not blogging except that I just feel inadequate. I'm not sure why anyone would want to read about me and my boring life, but one thing I realized while I was away is how therapeutic blogging really is for me. It enables me to gather my thoughts and speak my mind. That is a gift unto itself, just talking about what is going on in my life and letting it all out! If you, my readers, (gosh if there are ANY of you left out there...and I hope you will give me a chance) leave me a comment (some bloggy lurve) it is a huge bonus to my day.

So, I don't want to just spill my guts here in this post because it will be entirely too long for anyone to want to sit and read. So I will summarize some topics that I am sure will be in future discussion.
  • Baby fever: I've got it! Must be that biological clock ticking.
  • Woman issues: goes along with above topic and is thus far keeping me from above goal of having an actual baby, instead of just the fever.
  • Weight/Health issues: I'm a a slacker. I lost my exercise buddy (yes mom, that was you) and then my motivation to go to exercise. My hubby wants to lose weight too and that is a rant in itself. I've got about 30-40 pounds to shed before I'm at a "healthy" weight to procreate. Bummer.
  • Self-esteem: It has wandered off. Where did it go? I wish I knew. I'm hoping that by fixing the weight/health issues I can find it again.
  • Cat issues: As to not mix my blogs, I will post this on the life with 4 purrs. I know not everyone likes cats. There are a few that live in my house right now that I don't like either.
  • Crafty times: I will be posting on any fun things I create. My inspiration comes in spurts so I cannot promise it will be a regular thing nor can I promise the media will be consistent. I love paper, fabric and yarn. So the possibilities are nearly endless!
Well I hope I have not bored you with that. Look for a post at least weekly. I will try and be more on top of things, but I know I can promise at least one post a week to let you in on my little world. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Jackie! I look forward to following your journey on all this stuff. I'm not good for much for long - but if you're still in Plum I'd love to walk with you sometime if you're up to having to deal with me. Let me know. You can get back into a routine. I believe in you!