Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday - on a Friday!

I'm feeling extremely thankful today and let me tell you what a wonderful feeling it is!
So let's get right to it, shall we?
This week I am thankful for:
  1. My boss rescheduling our field work to the week after Thanksgiving! This way I get to spend some overdue quality time with my husband.
  2. The sun which is shining brightly today - it has been absent this week so welcome back sun!
  3. Starbuck's deal this week/weekend where you bogo holiday drinks - hello non-fat peppermint white chocolate mocha, no whip!
  4. My aloe vera plant which is growing quite rapidly and probably will need re-potted soon!
  5. Stash merrymint tea. Having a nice cuppa right now.
  6. This blog I've been reading daily: A Girl and a Glue Gun This gal is crazy crafty and has SO many cool ideas. Really. You should check her out. Someday I hope I am half as crafty and productive!
  7. Hungry Girl's egg mug recipes. I forgot how great these things were! I had the egg mug lorraine this morning. There are tons more on her site too if you just search for "egg mug"
  8. Sweater weather. I big red puffy heart sweater weather!
  9. Knitting books. I'm teaching myself to knit :) So far I've got the garter and stockinette stitches down. Going to learn ribs this weekend and then make something fun (I'll share if it is not too disastrous)
  10. Candles - specifically the BBW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I've been burning mine so often that I will need a new one soon! (Here that BBW, time to have a SALE on candles for me!)
What are you thankful for this week? Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? Any special plans? I saw this facebook post about a tradition where everyone in the family writes what they are thankful for on the tablecloth in a fabric pen. What a great idea to start! Think of how neat it will be to read and add to it every year! I just might have to borrow that idea.

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