Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Five

For some reason, I've been wanting to blog about clothing trends that drive me crazy. Perhaps it was the post that I read the other day regarding the trend of PJ pants in public. I am so sorry I can't remember where I read it, and I have searched and still can't find it. If it was you, PLEASE tell me and post a link to that post. Thanks!
And here is where I claim to have NO fashion sense what-so-ever, so please realize this. I do not claim to know anything about what people should wear.
So here are the top five things that irritate me when I am out.
5. Going along with aforementioned post, Pajama pants. I love to wear them around the house, but not to the store OR to dinner. Even I get dressed at some point during my day!
4. Clothing that costs extra for bleaching, wearing, tears, etc. Why in the world would you pay extra for holes in your pants?
3. Uggs with sweatpants. Who the heck started this trend? IMHO it looks sloppy and terrible. Put on some real pants if you need to wear your Uggs.
2. Boys who wear their pants too big or too small. Either way I end up seein' your butt when you bend over. There may be someone who would enjoy this. It. is. not. me. Save it for that person.
1. Thongs with low riders. NO ONE wants to see your cheeks when you sit down. Especially not when you are trying to eat. Again. Save it. PLEASE!
So there ya have it. Any trends that really irritate you?


  1. Ditto on all of them. And probably people who just wear clothes that are ill fitting (either WAY too tight or WAY too big)!

    P.S. EVERY time I see your pics of your furbabies--they make me smile--please put some updated ones of everyone!! (Jax is probably my fave but Bunnie is pretty darn cute--and the "twins" as I call them are adorable--and of course Little Bear--even though she is a "daddy's girl" is just stunning!!) Do they all get along?? I would love to see more blogging about your furbabies as well as new pics!

  2. I was recently at a basketball game and the woman in front of me rose to let someone pass. She immediately went to adjust her pants, but too late. I had already caught site of a frilly white and pink lace thong. I'm sorry....I just am not understanding why the thongs are constantly peeking at me wherever I go. What is it about this type of underwear that it cannot remain hidden?
    Welcome to SITS!!!