Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I guess I'm not the best hunter?

Job hunting stinks.
It has been three months now and I haven't heard a thing. No bites. No nibbles. Nothing!

So now I am asking you, dear readers: Do any of you know any companies that would hire a recent graduate with her MS in Biology? I am very interested in doing environmental work, specifically field assessment and remediation. Do these jobs even exist anymore?

I went to a job seminar recently where I heard that one in six college graduates ends up working in a non-professional field. Isn't working as a professional what we've paid big bucks to earn? I hate to think of getting "just any job" after spending so much time and effort in earning my master's degree. It is frustrating and depressing...Why don't counselors tell you these things before you go to school?


  1. Oooooo hun, I feel for ya!! My husband spent 5 months unemployed last summer after finishing his BS in Biology. We discovered pretty quickly the only options were to A) work for the government, B)Be a science teacher, or C) start as a grunt in a lab making $0.02 an hour and eventually work your way up. My hubby now works as a Watershed Coodinator for the government (of course at the bottom of the totem pole) but we're hoping he's able to move his way up eventually. If you need anymore advice, just ask! We've been to ALLLLLL the biology job websites out there!!!

  2. Don't give up...there's something out there. Just keep the faith. I too was going to suggest something like doing teaching or working for something in the health care field-hubby read that is where the jobs are and will continue to be (he has been in healthcare for the past--25 years so I would have to say that it has been good to us so far)...but just hang in there...things DO work out...

  3. No fun! Employment sucks out there right now - and it's even scarier to think a new graduate can't get a job!! Good luck with all of that!!

    Stopping by from SITs

  4. Oh how I hear you. I was part of the early '90s economic downturn just as I was graduating from college.

    The only advice - it does get better!! Good luck with the search. Don't be afraid to take something that isn't "just right." Companies these days are not surprised or put off by resumes filled with different paths.

    Welcome to SiTS! Em

  5. Oh girlie, I feel your pain. My hubby was just told his contract will not be renewed next year due to cut backs. It's a screwed up world right now. I know it will all work out somehow but still....Good luck!!