Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lookie what I won!!!

A HUGE thanks to the SITStas who participated in the Spring Fling. It was tons of fun to check out everyone's blogs and the bonus was winning fun stuff. I was SO surprised on Saturday to receive a half apron that I won at Tiffany's blog Eat At Home. She has some fabulous looking recipes that I hope to try soon including Tilapia in a Crockpot (!) and Cheddar Muffins. Mmmmm!
The apron was made by Robin and she sells so many cute aprons in her Etsy store! You really need to check them out! I love the fun fabrics she uses in her aprons, don't you?
And without further ado: me and my new FABULOUS apron!Sorry for the strange picture. It is hard to take a photo of yourself! And the shiny thing about my head is my halo...heehee. No its a banner that says "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" And here is a closer view of the apron, and much less of me :o)
So thank you Tiffany and Robin for doing such a great giveaway! Now I can cook fabulous and look fabulous at the same time!


  1. Spring Fling was a BLAST! Congrats on the win!

    Coming over from the SITS Welcome Wagon! Hope you enjoy all the great ladies there as much as I have!

  2. congrats on winning! what a great looking apron!

  3. Congrats on winning the apron, it's adorable!!

  4. LOVE the apron!!

    congrats on the win.

    Visiting from SITS to say hello :)