Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Baa aack!

Helloooooo! I have returned from what I think was one of the most wonderful vacations ever and will be choosing a winner shortly. I have tons of stuff to do first though: unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping. All the fun stuff I escaped from! So I will have The Surfer pick a number tonight and announce the winner tomorrow. And I'm still not telling what I am giving away. I think it will be more fun for that person to get a surprise. And I can't wait to share pictures and stories of my trip! If you ever get a chance to take a cruise, do it!


  1. Can't wait to hear about your cruise. We have gone on several--last year for our 15th wedding anniversary we went on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii--it was SO awesome.

    Hope you will share some pics and I bet your little furbabies will happy as the dickens to have mama and papa home!!

  2. Glad you had so much fun! I'm getting back to real life tomorrow too (Spring break is over ... blah lol)