Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St. Thomas USVI

I'm a bit late posting today, because I went to visit a close friend. She is expecting her first baby (a girl) very soon. In fact, they will be inducing her on Friday. She has been on rest for a little more than a week. Please keep her and baby in your thoughts and prayers as her time quickly approaches. I can't wait to meet her little bundle (hopefully this weekend!) and try to convince the Surfer that we should make a wee bundle of our own soon ;)

Getting back to the islands: Our second stop was at St. Thomas. What a beautiful view!We rode the Sky Ride up to Paradise Point, home of the Bailey's Bushwacker. It is a tradition that my parent's started the first time they went there, so we had to partake!

The Bushwacker consists of seven (yes 7!) different alcohols! And it tastes kinda like a chocolate shake, but different. You'll just have to try one. And Paradise Point has the "original" so might as well cruise there and enjoy!My mom would love to join you!

We also got to see a cute bird show with several kinds of parrots and tropical birds. One could even add and subtract by ringing a bell for the answer! I asked the Surfer if I could get a bird. He said "No!" Go figure.
This bird could ride a bike! Later he did it on a highwire!

We also saw some cool lizards, including an iguana. This is where I was reminded how stupid people can be. There were people petting the wild iguana and it was hissing at them. I don't know if it bit them, but if I were the lizard I would have given it my best shot!
I asked the surfer if I could get one of these lizards. He said "No!" Go figure.

It was a wonderful day topped off with a beautiful gift from my parents. They went jewelry shopping after leaving the Point and bought my a necklace and earrings made of black coral. They are peices by Bernard K. Passman and I LOVE them! The earrings are so dainty and the whale's tail pendant (not shown on the website) is so beautiful. I have always been in love with the sea, especially whales and dolphins, so this was very meaningful to me. My parents are so wonderful and thoughtful! Again I will say I am SO Blessed!

Thus ended a perfect day...


  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I'm actually getting ready to go on my first Carnival cruise next month, so I'll have to read more about yours.

    Be sure to come back and see me again.

  2. What a beautiful place! It sounds like a wonderful time!