Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twitter Demystified

So like tons of people out there I have begun to tweet updates on Twitter. And I love it. I have had fun tweeting back and forth with others and just seeing what the Twitter world is up to. But there is one thing that has me all sorts of confused. That would be the lingo. So in an effort to educate myself, I am sharing my findings with all of you. Yes, I know you love me. :o)

The @ symbol is used for 2 different things: at replies and mentions. An @ reply starts with the @twitterid Blah Blah Tweet Tweet Blah.
The mention looks more like Giving props to @TwitterID for an awesome blog post, or something like that.

RT = Re-Tweet, meaning someone has already tweeted about this topic, but is tweeting again cuz it is such an awesome tweet, like this one:

And the symbol I was most confused about: #
What the heck does the hash mean? It is a way to tag your tweet for that word. So if I post #lifewith4purrs it will track the tweets with that in them. For more info check this out.
And thanks to Jessica for tweeting me back and answering my Twitter questions. Jessica, you are way smarter than me! And much more Twitter-vanced. You rock!

And for more info on Twitter and how to use it, check out their help menu. They've got people. They are also smarter than me.


  1. haha - Your fine. Don't be so hard on yourself. I didn't know jack about Twitter either when I signed up...I googled most of what I didn't understand. lol.

  2. Thank goodness someone finally explaned the # thing to me. I was too embarrassed to ask...

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Just got your message. I'm just checking out your blog. Can't wait to do the fav things swap!
    p.s. Your cats are adorable.