Monday, April 13, 2009

Where I was last week at this time

Last week, on my wonderful vacation, the Carnival Glory was docked at Nassau, Bahamas. We chose not to do any excursions here, but next time I will save my pennies. I want to swim with the dolphins so badly!
So here are some of the sights:I think I took 15 pictures of the lighthouse. I just loved the way it looked like the perfect postcard!A picture of Atlantis. I would have loved to check out this new resort. They also have a dolphin encounter and swim option, but since we had a tight budget we decided to save that for another trip...someday. They also have several aquariums and lagoons with stingrays and sharks and tons of fish. But I only know this from looking it up on the net when I returned. I think I may need to work there someday!
And when I move there I will need this huge boat, complete with accessory sail boat! Yep, can't live without that!

Check back later this week for more info and pics of the trip. St. Thomas and St. Martin were more exciting for us. And don't forget our fun days at sea!


  1. Aren't cruises just so much fun?? And people always think that days at sea are the boring part!! We had SO much fun on sea days...what did you guys do on sea days?? We did ceramics (really painting on dishes and then they put them in the kiln and finish them for us but it was SO much fun)...we also saw movies, played scrabble, had a couple of spa treatments, went to the casino one day where I one a little jackpot on a slot machine--FUN!!--just stuff like that! There is ALWAYS stuff to do!!

    Seriously, if you have never gone on a cruise is such a great way to travel--and everything is included!!

  2. Popping in from SITS.

    We went on our first cruise last month and had a really great time. I am glad you did too!