Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

This was SO much fun and I would recommend getting in on it next time around - so seriously, check her blog often so you don't miss out!
My swap partner was Jessica from Pudget. She is on a weight loss journey as well...and actually I will admit reading her blog inspired me to get back on track and get back to weight watchers, for real this time! Just look at the wonderful stuff she sent me all wrapped in cheerful paper! She even tagged every item (which I failed to do...duh! Well I'll know for next time!)

So here are some of Jessica's favorite things (lots of tools for WW!!! She must have known it was just what I needed!)
Favorite Recipe: Pinto Beans and Ham
Favorite Munchie: Pirate's Booty
Facorite Dessert: Hershy Bar Haystacks - can't wait to make these!
Favorite Magazine: Weight Watchers
Favorite 1 point snack: WW Chocolate Cakes - yum!
Favorite Granola bar: Fiber One Oats and Chocolate - double yum!
Favorite peice of jewelry: The most adorable Sterling Silver Toe Ring ever!
Favorite Drink: Crystal Light Peach and Mango Green Tea - tried this today and it is very refreshing
Favorite Gum: Nutra Trim Weight Management Chewing Gum, Spearmint
Favorite Sweet Treat: Little Debbie Marshmallow Treats

So as you can see, Jessica has me well stocked for success and I can't thank her enough. But thats not all! She was awesome enough to label the points on all everything. Yep, you're right - she totally ROCKS my SOCKS!
Go visit Pudget for some more of Jessica's fabulous tips and tricks! And leave her a comment telling her how jealous you are that you weren't her partner ;)

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  1. FANTASTIC!! i am so glad that you and your partner hit it off! this makes me very happy.

    i am also glad you are playing in the Red, White and Blue Swap...AWESOME!