Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Weekend, How You Haunt Me!

Well, I can't say I did absolutely horrible this weekend, but I was not on plan the entire time either.

In the effort of trying to look at the POSITIVE, here are the things I did that I am proud of:
1. My mom and I took a walk after my grandfather's birthday dinner. She lives on a hill so we walked to the top and then back down. Got the ol' heart pumping and felt pretty good!
2. At said BDay dinner, I tried to fill up on veggies! Broccoli and carrots occupied about 2/3 of my plate. I had the smallest stuffed pork chop they had and only a small serving of potatoes. A far cry from my "normal" portions. And I was still full (maybe a little too full, but hey, I am a work in progress!)
3. At the Mother's Day buffet, I didn't stuff myself! I left there feeling satisfied! Amazing! I did eat some dessert, but after one small taste of the chocolate cake, I ate the icing and left the rest. I ate a sugar cookie too, which totally hit the spot. I also chose iced tea for my beverage instead of Pepsi (I have an addiction to pop!) and sweetened it with Splenda.
4. Last night, while watching Family Guy, I marched or danced to all the commercials.

So there you have it. Four big successes. And today is a new day! What successes did you have this weekend?

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  1. Okay, I gotta tell ya.. I love that picture of you in camo with your hubby--he's gotta love that. AND...your cats are adorable! I wish I had a furrball of my own! Stopping by from SITS to say hi!